What's an Ablet?

A fish thinking about a row counter

ab·let   [ab-letnoun, plural ab·lets.

1. a funky bracelet for keeping count, consisting of two rows of beads which slide easily but stay in place

 Uses include:

  • Counting rows in knitting and crochet (well, that's obvious)
  • Keeping score for golf (and your opponent's score too!)
  • Counting calories (instead of ones and tens columns, you have a hundreds and thousands column)
  • Keeping track of how many glasses of water you've had today 
  • knowing what the date is (allright, I admit I'm guilty of using it for this purpose, now I no longer seem quite so ditsy when writing a cheque at the checkout)
  • Keeping track of vitamins taken that day (It seems as we get older, our vitamin regimen becomes a four course meal!)
  • keeping track of how many children you have (hopefully you don't need this one, unless you are like the Duggars!) 
  • and the list continues to grow

picture of a small fresh-water fish2. A small fresh-water fish (Leuciscus alburnus). 


The Ablet Knitting Abacus was invented by Sharon Coleman. Read the story of how she came up with this brilliant yet simple idea and the exciting journey it has taken since. The Ablet Knitting Abacus is sold here, at Sharon's Etsy store, and in several retail locations throughout the US and Europe. If you are a retailer and would like to be added to our client base, please contact us for wholesale prices and policies. Read about us in the media and see what our customers have had to say.