The Story of the Ablet Knitting Abacus

The Story of the Ablet

Crossword Baby BlanketOnce upon a time, I was designing this blanket (aint it gorgeous? The blanket, not the baby... yeah, he's gorgeous too... but he wasn't born yet when the story takes place...) 

Now, when you're designing knitting it's even more important to keep track of rows than normal... cause somebody else is going to have to follow along, see?

I was happily knitting along and using my little counter, and my (then) three-year-old came along and said... "What's dis, Mommy?" click, click, click, click, click, click.

I thought, I'm going to kill you!.... I need a better row counter... one she can't mess with.

(I know, I know... justifiable grounds for child abuse... I'm telling you, no judge would convict!)

I took my clicker and duct-taped it to a piece of string. There. That'll keep it out of her reach.

A little while later, I went out, having completely forgotten about my new necklace, and my friends greeted me with, "Nice necklace, Sharon." OK, so I need a better row counter that can be kept away from the kid, and LOOKS NICE!


So I got one of those bracelet counters, but every time I wanted to count, I had to put down my knitting, take off the bracelet, and fiddle it through the little loop. It was not exactly efficient. And I am a very, very impatient person.


OK... the bracelet idea is great, I thought, but how do we get it as fast as the clicker with the convenience of a bracelet?


Well, to make a long story short, and after brainstorming with several of my knitter and non-knitter friends alike. I came up with a great solution... only it was kinda ugly. I mean, I wouldn't want to wear this out in public, would you?


Then my older daughter, Rowan (you know you have a knitting problem when you name your daughter after a yarn!) got interested in jewelry-making. So, as any good homeschooling mama would do, I went to the library and took out every. Single. Jewelry. Book. They had.


We poured over them for weeks. And I found a solution to my ugly-looking-bracelet problem. The little bead on the end was her idea, btw. Nice finishing touch.


And so, the Ablet was born. As easy and fast as the clicker, but it keeps your count (even if you drop it) your kids can't mess with it (not without you knowing anyway) AND it looks nice... very nice (if I do say so myself!)


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