Please note: These are all from REAL people. We didn't make any of this up. We did, however edit out the last names to protect the privacy of our customers. (with the exception of Ms. McPhee, as she's pretty much plastered all over the web anyway!)

Stephanie Pearl McPhee, knitting writer“Gifts for knitters, Day Two… Knitting tools that look like jewelry, but are secretly useful, like the Knitting Abacus, which looks like a funky bracelet, but is a row counter. (Trust me, non-knitter, counting is a big deal to your knitter.)” -Stepahnie Pearl McPhee http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/



"After just one day, I already adore this product. The adjustable fit is great, and I LOVE how easy the beads are to move with just one finger, yet they don’t slip out of place on their own. I’m planning to purchase more as gifts, and maybe even another style for myself. Thanks for the quick shipping, too!"-Michelle 


"Bought the rainbow ablet at my LKS love it. Works great." -Tina

"OH, I couldn’t wait for Christmas and just purchased the silver one for myself.Rainbow Ablet
It’s great to have a JOB!!!!" - Deborah

"Just received my Ablet! It is beautiful and well made. The beads slide very smoothly, but also stay put – wonderful design. I look forward to using it and will be back to purchase gifts for knitting friends. Great product." - Donna

"I am an avid knitter and crocheter and have been looking for a special row counter…. yours looks amazing and I can’t wait to get it. Thank you so much." -Claudeen

"My first counter arrived and I have just ordered two more. These are so easy to use and a boon to any knitter...And it’s pretty besides. After any number of electronic counters went belly-up, I’m ready for this age-old method of keeping track." -Betty

basic wood row counter"Your idea is so perfect, and what I love best is that the one I bought has the 5th bead different. I am a slow knitter, and knitting more than 5 rows without something interrupting me is rare! For “women of a certain age”, remembering what row I’m on can be challenging." -Judy

"Sharon — now I see why this has taken off so quickly! I’ll send in my order soon, and wait patiently. You are so smart! Congratulations." -Barbara

"Love how the counter works! I put it to use immediately upon its arrival yesterday (appreciated fast shipping as well). Just wish it came in a smaller size since my daughter and I have very tiny wrists and even on smallest link “spins” on our wrists. Still the best counter I have found by far." -Julia

"I crochet and use sticky notes all the time. This will be so much easier to do. Can’t wait for by ablet to arrive!" -Pat

“Thanks, my bracelet arrived safely and very promptly! Very pretty and easy to use. I plan on wearing it often, regardless of whether any knitting needs its rows counted.”  -Jenny

“I bought the rainbow ABLET and like it enough to wear even when not knitting. More importantly, though, the beads slide easily and stay put once you move them. Nice design all around. Shipping was super speedy, too.” -Betsy

“This is now my favorite knitting counter. It works exactly as described and it makes me happy just looking at it.” - Donna



"Me too, Donna!" -Sharon Coleman