Sharon Coleman combined her background in design and her lifelong passion for knitting when she created the Ablet, a knitting abacus that works as easy and fast as the clicker, keeps your count (even if you drop it), and doubles up as a fashion accessory.


Sharon studied animation and illustration at Rhode Island School of Design and went on to study Mulitmedia and web design at New England Institute of Technology. She has been knitting and crocheting since she was six. 

Since inventing the Ablet, Sharon has become known as the "abacus lady" to many, and has taught an alarmingly large number of adults how to count by ones and tens.

Sharon lives, works and home-schools her four children in Chepachet, Rhode Island, a rural part of New England that's within walking distance (albeit a long walk) from both Massachusetts and Connecticut.

For interview or press inquires, Sharon can be reached at 401-318-4090 or sharon(at)


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Sharon Coleman 
phone: 401-318-4090

The Ablet Knitting Abacus is the bracelet to count on. Touted as a "knit in public stealth gadget" by the Yarn Harlot, the Ablet lets you count rows in style. 

 Here's the long version of the story. 

Our newest version of the ablet has three rows of beads to count to 999 and can count long row repeats.

We also now feature an easy to fasten adjustable magnetic clasp.

 Watch the video below to see how it works.


Click here for a line sheet