Yes, you are that knitter!

When you use wear your Ablet you can be the knitter you always wanted to be, without looking like the frumpy knitter you don't.

    • You know you are making the right choice because we are:
      Hand made here in the USA
    • A unique tool that REALLY works.
    • It's a piece of jewelry first... a row counter second... Form before function!
Best of all:
  • It's right there, on your wrist, at the end of each row, sliding the bead becomes part of the rhythm of the knitting... so you WILL remember to use it!

If you don't knit (gasp), but you know love someone who does?

You want to your knitter something she (or he)  will love? Every year you get her something she, um, well, thinks is weird nice. This year you'll give her an Ablet and she'll say, "OMG I've been NEEDING one of those! I love you." And after all, don't we buy gifts for our knitters for the hugs and kisses, not just for the hand knit socks?

But this year, you'll be your knitter's hero and give the gift that makes her (or him) want to make socks... for you...in cables and lace.


Hey... check it out, we can stay in touch and you'll be the first to know when new styles come out or when I'm up to no good... I solemnly swear, I'm up to no good, quite often ;)