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Woman leaning over in pain. Ouch!I had injured my back. Again. Badly.

The only comfortable place for me was to lie flat on my back on a blanket on the floor. It hurt to lift my head. I was like this for almost ten days. 

My back was injured, but I otherwise felf fine, so I got very, VERY bored.

Woman lying on floor with feet on chair reading a book.I couldn't read for long. Holding a book above my head, my arms got too tired too quickly, even with a paperback. Besides, pain meds and focus aren't particularly good companions.


Woman lying on back with feet up on chair, knitting and inventingI couldn't read... But, I could knit.

(When you've been knitting for as long as I have, you don't need to look at what you are doing).

I was working on the Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero (Noro Silk Garden is made for entrelac by the way.)

Entrelec requires counting... lots of it, and if you've ever tried to count past oh say the number five while on pain meds, you will understand the predicament I was in! I needed something that I didn't have to look at.

Remember, moving my head at all was very painful.  Well to make a long story short, I had the brilliant idea of combining a dangly style counter with a bracelet style counter.  Now I could count by touch and only have to move my hands slightly.

I searched row counters as I slowly recovered

I was able to turn my head enough to surf online. I began searching row counters like the one I had designed. I couldn't find ANYTHING anywhere that was like it, even in the US Patent office files... I had something new and different! At that point I started researching patent attorneys. 

I did a little product research, mostly by buying a couple of the other bracelet style counters that are out there. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, after all. While very pretty, I didn't find them particularly user friendly or comfortable to wear. I'm not a jewelry type of person as a general rule, so bracelets have to be comfortable.

I had reinvented the abacus

I called a patent attorney  right away. I had enough funds set aside from selling my knitting patterns on Etsy and Ravelry to put a deposit down for the provisional patent and I took a chance that the remainder of the funds would be in from sales of this fantastic item before I had to file for a permanent patent.

I began perfecting the design while slowly recovering fully with the help of a woderful accupuncturist Dr, Ying Yan (yup, no word of a lie, that's her name, and she's a miracle worker!) While visiting Dr. Yan for treatments,  I happened by a business consultant in the same building, Mr. Ed Greene of Sage Business Solutions. He's been a fantastic cheerleader and all around useful resource ever since, and I'm thrilled to be his first and only street traffic!

The ABLET (ABacus braceLET), Knitting Abacus, Row Counter .com and a fish

Ah but what to call this unique device. My friend Audrey Hussey of kaboogie.com has a way with copywriting (and baby shoes) and came up with ABLET (ABacus braceLET) Awesome.  I googled the website. Yup Ablet.com was available. Two days later it was not. Someone had bought it and parked it. I registered knittingabacus.com and rowcounter.com instead. Lesson learned. Snag up your domain name as fast as possible. I filed for a trademark. It wasn't until sometime later that I though to look Ablet up on dictionary.com... That's when I found out it was also a fish. Hmmm. OK, two lessons learned! 




To be continued...


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